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I need help, just discovered something on the ut site.


Most of my education has been part time, some full time semesters. This was mostly bc I worked full time and tried to attend school. Good grades though.


I emailed Deborah about this and found out that in order to calculate gpa UT only uses full time semesters and they need a minumum of 20 courses in order to base this on. My situation: 16 course taken in the context of a full time semester and then I have a research semester that counted as 15 credits at sfu (or what is usually 5 courses at sfu or a length of 5 on the omsas conversion).


My question: would that mean I have the equivalent of 20 courses needed to base my gpa on and thus would be eligible or would that mean i am short courses and would be ineligible.


If someone has a similar experience as me, please let me know?? If anyone has any insight....help!


I will contact admission tomorrow but until then this is really bugging me as ive already filled in my app, spent sooooo many hours on it, and feel otherwise competitive for UT

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