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Freaking out about the DAT?

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Hey everyone,


If you feel like you need more help with the upcoming DAT, Rock The DAT will be happening all over the country Oct 15&16. All of the following locations have been confirmed and will run for sure: Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg.


Two weeks ago we ran Rock The DAT for 37 students in Calgary and Edmonton and at the end of the weekend we received 37 positive reviews. Not a single student I talked to thought it wasn't worth the price at the end. If you are traveling far to come to the course or are part of a student club PM me or email us at info@rockthedat.com because we do have some agreements and deals available and might be able to get you a discount.


When I took Rock The DAT in 2009 I stayed in touch with two people I had met... One got in with me at the U of A and the other got in at UWO.

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