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Planning a practice MMI interview this winter


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Hello guys!


I am in charge of Vanier's Pre-Doctorate club. We are a premed club which wants to hold a practice MMI interview this winter, and we are recruiting potential premeds coming from Cegeps or universities.


We are releaseing articles regarding the admission process to med schools in QC, as well as open ethical or interview-type question every two weeks.


If any of you are interested in participating in our practice MMI and our open ethical questions, please join us by opening this link .





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No offense but the name of your club is misleading. When I first read it, I thought it was pre-PhD and I was like, dang, people are now gunning for PhDs?


Why didn't you call it pre-med?


Do not worry, I am offended by your comment. I did not want to call it the Pre-Med club for two reasons:


1) As we are a premed club, I thought that having a pre-med club called ''Pre-Med Club'' lame.


2) Most of us are trying to get in to premed, not med. So we could technically call it the Pre-Pre-Med club. This name is long, and would require an explanation every time its name would be told to someone.

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