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Writing sample remark?


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I've heard stories on SDN of people going up, but its usually marginal (like an L to an M)


Theres 4 essay marks (2 for each essay), you get the avg of those marks. Each essay is marked by a computer (not likely to change in score), and then by a human.


So if the source of the bad score is spelling/grammer/length (guessing thats what the comp marks), then might not help, but if it was the humans being hard markers, then you could go up.. and also down.


Depends on schools you want/ cut offs you need.. I'd request a rescore imo

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I tried for a writing re-score last year with an M. It came back as an M. Then again I kind of expected that because my essays were super crappy.


How do you feel your essays were? If you know they weren't that good, I don't think it's very likely to change, and if it does it probably won't go higher than N. If you thought you did well, then chances are better that it'd go up. But it's worth submitting a request anyway, if the "what if" is going to bug you for the rest of the year.


Worst case scenario, rewrite the MCAT. That's what I did.

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