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Need a second opinion

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Hey guys,


My November DAT is coming up really fast and I am not getting better at PAT :( What if I just focus on RC and Sciences (and so the total AA) to aim for just Western since UWO doesn't look at PAT at all. Or should I keep trying to get better at PAT? Any advice would be great!!


Just to give you some perspective:

Best two years GPA for UWO: ~3.95 (~92% on UWO scale)


I feel like concentrating on getting that 18 in RC so I get the interview.


Thanks very much for your help!

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you really should not limit your options by not trying to learn to do better..try to utilize additional resources to improve your score..i'd highly recommend buying the crackdatpat software for pat help..get the 10 tests package...the program will help you visualize your answers and improve your ability to understand how to picture the questions in your mind...having said that, you will still need to spend time on learning to do it if you want to do well on the PAT...also try getting IQ publication tests for extra practice, but imo, CDP is still better...

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