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Research advice and questions about NSERC


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Hi everyone,


NSERC applications have to be for professors funded by NSERC correct? And there is no way around that? I realize my question about NSERC might be repetitive, but I haven't been able to find it on the forum!


Also, I received a position in BC for the summer(I'm from Ontario) and although I would love to go there, I was told that I would be the only student in lab as the graduate student is leaving in April. However, I would be working closely with the research associate. I'm not sure what the pros/cons are for that as I haven't had any lab experience. Would someone please shed some light on this through their experiences? Also, are there any awards I can apply to? The research involves diabetes and the cardiovascular system and with the salary offered, it would barely cover the cost of living/flight! Also, if anyone from Vancouver or who lives in the area could please let me know what costs of living are in Van City, that would be great!


Apologies for all the questions, but I would really like any advice I can get!


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1) That is my understanding of the NSERC USRA, but the place to confirm that is on the NSERC website which lists policies for their funding competitions.

2) Depends how well you get on with them, so it's hard to tell unless you've had some initial contact.

3) Search for diabetes and Heart and Stroke foundations.

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