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Transfer or not to transfer


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Got accepted at YorkU health Management for winter, wanted BioChem or BioMed or even Bio and Chem, didnt get it in due to availability. I can reapply in the summer and pretty much get it in, pretty confident that i can get all A+ or 4.0 GPA in my semister here at UOIT in the winter. Concern: UOIT commute is 4-5 hours there and back. Research and EC oppurtunities, close to nil, since its a new uni (opened 8 years ago) and in the middle of no where. Mom says stay at UOIT since Health Management isnt really any beneficial or different than what im currently doing. Any suggestions?


I dont know what ill be able to do at York either, but maybe i can get some ECs in, i got into the game really late so at this moment i dont even know wtf ECs at Uni equate too. Some help would be good.

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