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I'm considering med school, still in undergrad advice?

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I am currently taking a year off from university, will be going back in may for summer semester and I will be majoring in health studies at York. When I do return for full time study I will be a third year student.


My gpa so far not good but I can still improve the marks. I was trying to find a program to switch out of from my previous major which was psychology. Didn't really like the program so decided switch out into something I found more interesting.



I had always had plans to enter a health profession particularly medicine and decided to give a shot..I feel as though I still have a chance.


I have a background in science and math from high school gr 12 bio and gr 11 chem because I had intended to apply into the life science or biology program etc, but really wanted to leave high school so opted for an easier route into BA in psych.. I was clearly not happy and half regret not finishing my grade 12 science courses.



my question is this:


If I want to increase my chances of being a strong candidate for med school what should I focus on?


I know my gpa has to go up for many different reasons i do plan on getting a master's degree regardless...in public health, public policy, health informatics...but without any science credits am I at a disadvantage?


anything else I should put into consideration?:confused:

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The standard list of things to improve on are usually the following:


1) GPA

2) MCAT Score

3) ECs

4) Publications

5) References of Letters


As a sticky on the thread of this topic states, Masters only helps if your GPA is borderline a good candidate so regardless even if you had a 3.0GPA and a 4.0 Masters, you still won't get in. In the case I just stated, you will need to go back to undergrad and get a second degree.

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