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MMI Aftermath!!!!!!!!!!!

How were the interviews  

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  1. 1. How were the interviews

    • Was the best moment of my entire MMI life... :)
    • Meh, went alright... could have said more...
    • Disaster... bombed more than 50% of the stations...
    • I'll start preparing for next year... :(

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Not sure if everyone has died or are just tired after the interviews... :D


"Share your stories! were you nervous? Excited? Any embarrassing stories to go with it? Meet any new people? Share away!!"


I thought it went well... was extremely nervous though (at the 1st station -- to the point where I couldn't open the door) :rolleyes:


Hope everyone did well...;)

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Hola y'all.


My experience can be summed up as a combination of the following:






There was dis 1 station where we toasted, supped sweet sweet red wine and sang poetry. It was flippin' beautiful.

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hahahhaa... I see I have a competitor (with the same sense of humor) :D








P.S: Sure, you can use an inverted form of my username... but please, answer with sentences that make sense...


"There was dis 1 station where we toasted, supped sweet sweet red wine and sang poetry. It was flippin' beautiful." CAN'T SPELL????


Anyways, this poll is for people that have DONE the interviews... so please refrain from posting or entering the poll, if you haven't done the interview.




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First of all, here is proof that my spelling abilities should withstand any questioning.




In addition, english is quite a funny language in which consonants and vowels can be replaced or taken out entirely while the inherent message can still be retained.


However, we should celebrate our sense of humour as it unites us :D



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