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Any thoughts or personal stories from anyone regarding this profession? Would you say the is a job market/demand for chiropodists?


Any insight would be appreciated!


Hey. I am a 2012 Chiropody grad. Insights... Well, be prepared for plenty of fun politics, not unlike all professions. The scope is improving rapidly in recent years with the addition of oral and IM/IA injectable Rx's, conscious sedation, surgical interventions etc. We are still waiting on OHIP (or in office) covered radiographs, blood work and pathology reports. For example; Currently if we excise/incise a lesion or remove a cyst (ex. plantar fibromatosis) the patient must pay to have the lesion processed by pathology. Or if we are managing a diabetic with osteomyelitis we have to give them the run-around to get regular blood work, C&S and plain radiographs/bone scans.


I won't sugar coat Chiropody/Podiatry either, its not glamourous but it is rewarding. You will see people in significant discomfort every day, and approximately 60-90% of your patients will leave the office feeling relief. Podiatric medicine is largely procedural, not just writing scripts for Lamisil. You will remove your share of corns, treat/excise warts, chip and clip nasty thickened nail with tools aught to be used to grind sheet metal. You will also diagnose and treat many muscle imbalances, sports injuries, paediatric developmental (MSK rotational abnormalities), strange dermatology and ortho deformities. Its definitely a mixed bag.


Job Market... Well like all things do your research. Undergrad (4 years) + Pod School (3.5 years) is going to cost you about 50-80 thousand, if you work part-time throughout you should be no more than 50 000 in debt after cost of living.

The GTA is saturated, there is still money to be made but if you decide to work even 50km from toronto your income potential is exponentially larger. For example, most of my colleagues within the GTA will end up working multiple part-time gigs unless they start their own practice. With a hourly wage between 35-60 $/hr. I am heading to western ontario and my first year starting salary will fluctuate between 60-120 $/hr with large growth potential. So the potential is there, and you can take your Ontario Podiatry education and practice almost anywhere in the world as a Podiatrist (Excluding BC and the USA).


If you want to discuss further, PM me. I would be happy to speak with anyone regarding the profession. Good Luck!

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With a Graduate Advanced Diploma of Health Sciences (Chiropody) at Michener Institute in Toronto, we can work in USA as a Podiatrist as a DPM graduated ?


Ontario is the only area of the world which continues to utilize the term Chiropodist for its newly registering "foot docs". You can finish the Michener DCh. program and practice Podiatric medicine throughout the UK, European union, Australia, Asia, literally everywhere EXCLUDING BC and the USA.

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