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Does UBC have an adjusted GPA or weighing formula system for applicants?

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They will take off your worst year granted that you have 90 credits of marks after weighting. This means those that apply during 4th year don't get the weighting applied, you have to wait a year after finishing your UG (or do a 5th year) to get the weighting.


What? Assuming that you apply in the summer of your 4th academic year, and that you have taken a full course load (includes summer courses), then you can be eligible to have the weight prior to doing a fifth year.


For example:

1st year - 30 credits

2nd year - 30 credits

3rd year - 30 credits

4th year - 30 credits.


So that the end of your 4th year, you should have 120 credits. Thus, you can take 30 credits off from your lowest academic year and be left with 90 credits of which will be evaluated.

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By summer of 4th academic year I assume you mean that you have actually completed 4 years PRIOR to applying and have marks for all those 4 years? If yes, then yeah you do apply for weighting. It's just that most people apply during the summer of 3rd year and so won't have 90 credits with marks if you remove a year, but in this way they can enter med school without having a year off.

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