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Full course load during undergrad

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Hey guys,


I just had a few questions about course load.

1. Were any of you penalized for having less than 30 credits? I have had 27 credits in a couple of years due to the fact that I thought this was a full course load (I know T_T). Will this affect my ability to drop 1 year, or as long as I end up having 90+ credits in the end?

2. Can people with 27 credits usually get in, or is it a flag of some sort? What sort of reasons did you or your friends give to have adcom if it was fine?

3. Also, do summer term courses count towards you average? I heard a couple of people saying no but I've never read this anywhere.


Feel free to help with any of the questions if you can! :)

Thanks in advance.

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Don't worry about course load impacting your chances.


I think the main reason why they encourage a full(ish) course load is more for your benefit and understanding when you start fmed in second semester.


The volume of material they throw at you is approximately 7x that of a full course load.

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