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Submitting primary without LORs - ok?

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Hi guys,


I'd like to submit my application as early as possible.. but I have not yet asked for LORs.. Is it advisable to have it sent in, without any LORs, and then do that ASAP? What is usually the latest to get your LORs in and what would be the negatives of not having it in with the primary?



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If you submit now, it'll take less than 1 month to have your primaries verified, after that, then AMCAS is going to send everything to the schools you specified on your list. Now, once the individual schools gets your app without your LOR, they will pause your application. So as long as you can get your LOR in before that point, you won't be delayed.


You won't be at a disadvantage because schools won't even mark you app complete unless your LORS are in. So it doesn't negatively affect you.


What you don't want to do, is to wait to submit the AMCAS primary because you might have the situation where you've got your LOR all ready but waiting on verification.


bottom line, submit your primary now and chase after your letters of recommendation.

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