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Canadian Forces = IP?

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I've read someone in this forum that if you're part of the Canadian Forces, you are considered IP for most provinces. I can't find that post here for the life of me.


I was hoping someone could shed some light to this question.


I was part of the Canadian Reserves for 3 years during 2 years of High School and 1st year Uni. I'm thinking of going back. If I knew of this IP perk earlier, I would have continued my involvement with the Forces.


Follow up question, which provinces consider you IP? (Source?)


Thanks much

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Yep, CF gets IP status in the prairies, as well Dal & Ottawa (which have supernumerary seats for MMTP, which is not available to those who apply outside the program). I don't know about the other places, I only really applied in prairies and Ontario. Some places are pickier than others, some require minimum X number of years and/or certain type of military service (full time: C class or reg force), some require a letter of sponsorship for MMTP, etc.


You would have to look into all of those requirements which vary from school to school. You may need to enquire about the regs from the school directly, since it may not always published in the applicant manual.


Good luck!

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