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Medical Textbooks for Sale: Great Condition, Multiple Titles


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Tons of medical books for sale! Medical student textbooks, resident clinical reference guides, general medicine guides, and more! Listing updated frequently to reflect sold titles, or new books added. There are many titles available. To help find what you are looking for, I would suggest using your browser's search function, or CTRL+F to search for keywords or titles.


Please send me a PM with your requested title. Available for pick-up in Calgary. I can ship for buyers located outside of Calgary (buyer pays for shipping and handling). Happy book hunting!


[Title], [Edition], [Authors], [Price]



3M Littmann Stethoscopes: Cardiac Auscultation Study Guide, CD-ROM, Like New, Free with any purchase

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support: Professional Provider Manual, 1e, AHA, Excellent, $10

Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking, 9e, Lynn S Bickley, Like New, $90

Barron's Anatomy Flash Cards, 1e, Kurt H Albertine, Like New, $20

Canadian Hypertension Education Program Recommendations, 2009, Like New, Free with any purchase

ECG Pocketcard Set of 3 Cards, 2008, Borm, Very Good, $8

Handbook of Emergency Cardiovascular Care for Healthcare Providers, 2008, Mary Fran Hazinski, Like New, $5

Rapid Interpretation of EKG's, 6e, Dale Dubin, Like New, $35




The Canadian Guide to Psoriasis, 1e, Kim A Papp, et al, Like New, $10

Lever's Histopathology of the Skin, 5e, Walter F Lever, et al., Excellent, $10

Psoriasis, 2e, Richard GB Langley, Like New, $5




Bugs & Drugs, 2006, Edith Blondel-Hill, et al., Excellent, Free with any purchase

Clinical Pharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple, 3e, James Olson, Like New, $15

College Chemistry: Crash Course (Schaum's Easy Outlines), 12e, Jerome L Rosenberg, et al., Like New, $8

CPS: Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties, 2006, CPA, Very Good, $5

Ethical Issues in Modern Medicine, 6e, Bonnie Steinbock, et al., Excellent, $50

First Principles of Gastroenterology (CD-ROM), 53, ABR Thomson, et al., Like New, Free with any purchase

Pharmacology, 53, HP Rang, et al., Like New, $50

The Princeton Review: 162 Best Medical Schools, 2006, Malaika Stoll, Like New, Free with any purchase

SK Ministry of Health: Formulary 2009-2010, 59e, SFC, Like New, Free with any purchase

STAT: Steps to Antimicrobial Therapy, 2e, Joseph M Blondeau, Like New, $50

Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia, 2003, Very Good, Free with any purchase

Thirion's Snippets for Snappy Antimicrobial Therapy: Pocket Sized Edition, 2009, Daniel J Thirion, Like New, $15

Toronto Notes: Comprehensive Medical Reference, 2006, Carolyn J Shiau, et al., Very Good, $20

Toronto Notes: Colour Atlas of Medicine, 2006, Carolyn J Shiau, et al., Like New, $10

Toronto Notes: Clinical management Handbook, 2007, Marilyn Heng, et al., Like New, $10

The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics, 32e, Daniel H Cooper, et al., Like new, $50




Case Files: Surgery, 2e, Eugene C Toy, et al., Like New, $30

Emergency Radiology: Case Studies, 1e, David T Schwartz, Like New, $160

Emergency Orthopedics: The Extremities, 5e, Robert R Simon, et al., Like New, $120

Ethicon Knot Tying Board, Very Good, $5

Netter's Concise Atlas of Orthopaedic Anatomy, 1e (3rd printing), Jon C. Thompson, Excellent, $40

Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy (CT and MRI). Volume I: Head and Neck, 3e, Torsten B Moeller, et al., Like New, $45

Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy (CT and MRI). Volume II: Thorax, Heart, Abdomen, and Pelvis, 3e, Torsten B Moeller, et al., Like New, $45

Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy (CT and MRI). Volume III: Spine, Extremities, Joints, 1e, Torsten B Moeller, et al., Like New, $45

A Primer on Musculoskeletal Examination, 2e, Evelyn D Sutton, Like New, $20




Medical Genetics, 3e, Lynn B Jorde, et al., Very Good, $60




Aids to the Examination of the Peripheral Nervous System, 4e, WB Saunders, Like New, $30

Clinical Neuroanatomy Made Ridiculously Simple, 3e, Goldberg Stephen, Like New, $25

Netter's Concise Neuroanatomy, 1e, Michael Rubin, et al., Like New, $50




Atlas of Pathology (Robbin and Cotran), 1e, Edward C Klatt, Like New, $65

Basic Pathology (Kumar Cotran Robbins), 6e, Vinay Kumar, et al., Like New, $40

Pathologic Basis of Disease (Cotran Kumar Robbins), 4e, Ramzi S Cotran, et al., Like New, $40

The Renal Allograft Biopsy, 2008, Aylin Sar, et al., Like New, Free with any purchase

Wheater's Basic Histopathology: A Colour Atlas and Text, 4e, Alan Stevens, et al., Like New, $85

Wheater's Functional Histology: A Text and Colour Atlas, 5e, Barbara Young, et al., Like New, $80

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