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Minimum MCAT score to be competitive?

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I have just finished my undergraduate degree in Business (Finance/Logistics) and I was originally set on attending law school in 2013, but after years of consideration (and that hunch that I belonged more to the sciences than in law/business); I have decided to pursue medical school. I am also a Manitoba resident.


My cGPA per UofM (lowest 30 credit hours dropped) is 4.1x, although I have not taken the necessary biochem courses. I have all the high school prerequisites though and I was a strong sciences student in the AP program while in highschool so I hope an A/A+ isn't too far off. I am planning on completing these courses in the fall/winter and writing the MCAT this summer (I have already started to prepare with exam krackers, are these books my best bet? I am hoping to stick to a similar study structure when I wrote the LSAT; 5-6hrs of prep every day for 4 months. I should hopefully be alright for the RC section equivalent on the MCAT given my prep for the LSAT ).



My question is, what score would I need to receive on the MCAT to be competitive to receive a MMI interview? I understand that the biochem courses I take will be factored in to my cgpa calculation and consequently, my GPA may drop. Although I don't see my GPA dropping below a 4.1.


I am also afraid that if I was considered competitive, that my business undergrad will be looked upon negatively. I understand that the admissions committee looks for candidates who have always strived to be a doctor and my undergrad doesn't really reflect that. I also don't have many ECs that are particularly relevant to medicine as well (does winning a medal a few times in the provincial science fair back in high school count for anything :o).


Thank you in advance and my apologies for the awful structure, punctuation, and grammar f this post; I am writing it on my crappy tablet with a touch screen keyboard :mad: . Not fun.

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From the Faculty of Medicine website:


8. Is there preference to applicants with a specific undergraduate degree?


No, we do not give preference to any particular undergraduate degree.


Manitoba is all about the MCAT. An operative score of around 10 (probably even less) should land you an interview. A score of 10.5-11+ will put you in a good position to be accepted. Here's the stats for the class of 2015: http://umanitoba.ca/faculties/medicine/alumni/media/Class_2015_Statistics_for_web.pdf


As for EC's, they only ask for volunteer and work experience and it's not scored. As long as you have a few things down I don't think it will be a problem.

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