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Verbal practice, practice, practice!


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Hi everyone!


I am trying to bring up my verbal score and am practicing as much as possible - I am almost done with EK 101 passages and need more passage practice! Can you guys recommend other books, sites or programs that give you a lot of verbal passage practice?? Also, does anyone know if the older EK 101 would have different passages than the newer 2008 edition?



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I wont speak too ill of Kaplans VR book because I have not personally used it, however most of the response I read regarding the book is that it is not very representitive of the MCAT passages.


As for other sources, the TPR hyperlearning verbal book is an excellent resource that you should use, it is hard to find though. SDN classifieds is a great place to pick this book up (thats where I got mine ;) ). I know the book is expensive, but it IS worth it because it is a wonderful representation of the MCAT verbal. A hundred or so + dollars is worth a few higher points on your verbal, especially since it is the most important section to do well on if you intend on applying to schools in Ontario.


If you feel like 40+ passages (from TPR Hyperlearning Verbal) is still not enough, there are LSAT practice exams and other LSAT based diagnostic verbal materials. I've got one from princeton review with 5 or 6 passages I believe.


Have you tried reading the Economist? It is a great site with a lot of essay format / opinionated articles. You may find it helpful to read through 1-2 articles a day from different sources (economics / Philosophy / social sciences etc..) and thinking about the authors tone, thesis, and different questions which could be derived from the passage.


Some would say that reading the Economist is a waste of time, and thats a matter of personal opinion and how your mind works. I have a LOT of trouble reading the philosophy, law, and economics passages. I feel that reading the Economist has improved my comprehension in these areas, again this may not work the same for you.


I hope this helped, good luck with the verbal.

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I would agree reading the Economist helped me in verbal, I started reading it about a year ago. If anything it can help in your WS.


Field87ven did you do that self, non-self passage in TPR, it was extremely mind boggling haha


That is amazing that you have been reading it for a year, how are your verbal scores looking? I agree that if anything the Economist can provide a good amount of applicable and specific examples that you can apply to the word prompts.



And no, I have mainly done the EK 101 verbal and have only gone through the first 5 or so passages of TPR, but my GOD are the TPR hyperlearning passages hard to read. I am not looking forward to this 'self, non-self' passage that you're talking about though :( .


Lets just hope we don't get any philosophy passages on our verbal haha.

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Thanks bpatient and Field87ven! I am getting the hyper learning book!! I agree about reading every day - I go on thebrowser.com and read many articles from the economist and the like- I try to map and write down main idea and tone every day. It's been good practice!


I've been scoring anywhere from 8 to 11 and obviously want to stay above 10, I hope this book can help me do that!! Good luck to you all and thanks!

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