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starting university in January?

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If we just take into account the previous year admission criteria, then this semester of yours will NOT be counted by College of Medicine for admission purposes since it will not be considered a full-year course load. According to College of Medicine website,

All applicants must meet both Sections A and B (below) of the following Academic Requirements to apply for admission:


(A)Prerequisite/MCAT requirement – one of the two options must be met - see Section A below

(B) Two full year requirement, also known as the competitive average for admission– see Section B below


So it will not neccessary hurt your chances to med but marks from that term will not be considered by Admission Committee, unless of course the admission criteria changes for the 2012-2013 academic year....


Hope that helps!

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Is it okay to join the university from January instead of September? Will it hurt my chances for admission to dental or medical schools?


Dude... Just do business.. Much easier on the heart... Oh btw,given you're an international student it'll be much much much much (times infinity) to get into those colleges

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