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Hi everyone. I’m just curious to learn more about NOSM, so if you could assist with some of my questions that would be great. I’m looking into this program in the future.


What does the calendar year look like, is it September through April and then May through September is summer break? I plan to spend my summer doing something medically related that will assist with my future CARM’s application but I’m wondering if are we free to go to any city in Canada or even overseas? How about Christmas and holiday weekends, are you able to go home for a couple days to visit family from time to time or are schedules typically to hectic?


What are typical weeks like? It sounds as if NOSM is quite flexible. Does one spend a lot of time at school or in the hospitals during the weekend? Or are students more able to spend their time studying at home?


Are you required to spend the practicum portion of your degree in hospitals that are not necessarily in the North but are also highly focused on Aboriginal Health? I’m not necessarily interested in doing rotations outside of the North but very interested in knowing what my full range of options are while going through the 4 years.


I know that NOSM is still quite a young program. I'm just wondering if anyone can speak to the perception of the school when applying to residency and future jobs. I have read NOSM has done very well with CARM's match rates but I'm curious to learn more about the percetion of the school in Canada compared to other schools that are a bit older.


This question is just regarding the class atmosphere. It sounds as if class members become quite close and support each other and many have positive experiences. I’m just wondering if someone could speak to this and explain what their experiences have been being in this specific program.


If you could offer some advice on any or all my questions that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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