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Hello Everyone,

I have just finished my fourth year of undergraduate studies and I am contemplating on if I should do a 5th year, or join a masters program before I apply to medical schools.

I want to get admission in Canada, but unfortunately my cgpa is not very competitive. I had a very poor second year that is pulling my marks down. Admission into Canadian medical schools is my priority, but I will also be applying to select US schools and a few reputable Caribbean schools. However, I first need to increase my gpa.

Here are my gpa's for each individual year:

First year: 3.6

Second year: 2.8

Third year: 3.6

Fourth year: 3.6

Even if I get a 4.0 average in my 5th year of study, it won't pull my cpga up by a significant amount. Perhaps doing a masters may be a better option.


Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you.

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future_doc, you seem to have a lot of the answers so I will ask you this. Do you really think a second undergraduate degree is better than going for a masters? I heard from my gchem instructor from TRP that med schools love masters students and that the GPA requirements from them are much lower than undergraduate applicants.


By getting a second degree, would the med schools look at grades from both degrees or just from the 2nd degree? And how long does a second degree usually take.


Sorry for so many questions, but I'm just a confused student trying to chase my dreams.

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