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Canadian in-training Emergency Med exam

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A few questions for anyone who has the answers:


Insight about what this exam is like for PGY-1s?

How do you prepare for it? Can you prepare for it?

Are there any succinct review books out there?

What's the format like? Is it like the Royal College exam - written (short answers) and oral component?


I'm focusing on learning things well...not too concerned about studying from a review book in first year, but it would be nice to have some sort of guide to go through as I go along....kinda keep me on track....make sure I'm covering all the relevant topics in enough detail.


Any thoughts or advice regarding how to go about preparing for this exam?? I couldn't find any sample questions on the Royal College website....are there any out there at all...through legit sources? Just to get an idea of what type of Qs to expect.

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You can't really study for it. And it isn't like you can get through all of Rosen's in PGY1.

Obviously know the core topics.

Perhaps one day there will be a sample question bank. It really hasn't been around long enough though at this point to have any I suppose.

And I noticed you asked how the exam was for PGY1s specifically. It's hard, because it's the same exam the PGY5s are writing.

And the format is supposed to be like the written component - so short answer mostly.

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