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Scoring of Practice Tests


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Hey guys,


Do the practice tests from AAMC come with answers and explanations? And how long can you access them for?


Also, I bought a TPR book that came with a couple practice tests online - does anyone know how those tests are scored? I thought they'd just give you a raw score (for example, take what you get out of 52 and calculate what it'd be out of 15), but that's not what they're giving me. The scores shouldn't be scaled like the real test... so I'm just wondering what's going on :S

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1. AAMC tests come with explanations and score reports. Breaking it down to categories, content, etc.

2. Available for one year after purchase

3. All tests are scaled... some tests are easier and have harsher curves. Thats why AAMC tests are such good predictors of your score... they were old exams that are no longer used, but none the less do a good job of predicting your score on test day.

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