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Exploring to work as an OT in Canada

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Hi everybody,


I am an OT graduated in Hong Kong and want to know more about the job market and living in Canada.


I got some friends living in Vancouver, and my family are considering immigrating there. I got my undergrad., master degree and some post-grad. training (SIPT, Vitalstim, Neuro-IFRAH). I have over 10 years of experience working in the field of community / pediatric./ neuro-rehab.


From what i have read in this forum and search some of the job hunting website (Indeed, wowjobs). The market for OT doesn't sound very encouraging.


Just wanna to know:


1. Is it really very difficult to find some full time jobs in Vancouver?


2. Is the salary info from "Healthcare Salary Canada" reflect the true income of an OT? (http://www.healthcaresalarycanada.com/occupational_therapist_salary.html)


3. What's the usual working hours per week?


4. What website would you use for job hunting?


I know some questions probably sound silly to you guys, but I am desperate to find more 'live" information rather than from manuals/ website.


Thank you so much for your help!!



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I wouldn`t trust this website based on the following


Top 5 Provinces

The top paying provinces to earn Occupational Therapist Salary are Calgary, Edmonton,Ottawa, Vancouverand Waterloo Region. None of these are provinces. They are all cities.



Employment Data

According to the Canadian Labor Market ninety three percent of the Occupational Therapists in Canada are women and only three percent are men. what about the other 4%


Where They Work

Of all the Occupational Therapists employed in the Canadamost work in hospitals and additional health care settings with the minority working in other settings such as schools, universities and nursing homes. the Canadamost? ohy! who made this website

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Most of the information here pertains to new grads, so it might not apply to you considering your experience. From what I have heard, it's not the easiest thing to find full-time jobs, so some people get two part-time jobs instead.


The jobs opportunities and salary range varies by province, so it's hard to give an accurate average. Full-time job requires 35 hours of work per week.


For job hunting, it depends on what department/setting you're interested in. If you would prefer to work in a hospital, you can start looking at hospital websites (section on employment opportunities) to get an idea of the types of jobs they offer, pay, etc.


For your purposes, this website will perhaps be more useful: http://www.gocanadaot.com/en/register-enregistrer/start-commencer/

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