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Georgetown Medical School - Interview

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Hey all,


Recently I was invited to interview at Georgetown! My interview isn't until late September but I was wondering if anyone else has interviewed at/goes to Georgetown or is from Washington, DC and could give me a few insights into the med school and city!


My email is: bmendis11@gmail.com if you want to contact me that way.


Any help would be much appreciated!



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A very religious school with a heavy undertone of service and clinical work, but other religions and LGBTQ are still very welcome. Research is done as with all other mid-ranked American MD schools, but this school's strength is in its clinical work/education.


Secondary essay and interview (duh) very important. Post interview, approx. 25% accepted, 25% rejected, 50% waitlisted. They are very good about taking suck-up letters post-waitlist.


City is great. The overall campus is great. The cultural life there is excellent. Housing is expensive. The school's facilities are old and the hospital is small-ish. Non-Pass/Fail grading. Students are normal and laid-back I found.

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