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What are interviews like?

Guest ComplacentTragedy

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Guest ComplacentTragedy

Hi guys:


I'm wondering if anyone could offer some information regarding the interviews. Specifically:


Who's on the panel?


What type of questions were/are asked?


Length of time?




And any other information available from those who have already been through the process.


Thanks alot, and sorry for:


a) taking your time, and

B) the fact that I'm positive this has been asked before.


Wow, do I need sleep.

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Guest Lactic Folly

Teams consist of three people, often a doctor, professor or community member, and a medical student. Any type of appropriate questions may be asked to assess the qualities that applicants are told that they will be evaluated on. From my experience, length of time is usually an hour or less, and the various team members take turns asking questions. Get a good night's sleep beforehand :)

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