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Has Anyone Took Ilc Online Course In Hs


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Hi Goodwill,


I took my final HS credit through ILC. I believe it was a grade 11 U/C stream elective in English, perhaps Business Writing. It was essentially the only credit available I hadn't taken! (It was around seven years ago before they offered much.)


I was successful, however I found it was rather isolating. The modules were in booklet form and mailed (though I would hope they are online now) and there was no assigned teacher. You could have four different teachers marking your work for the same course. The lessons were reasonable, and there was the option for "contacting a teacher" (read "a" teacher... not neccessarily the one marking) if you were stuck.


I also took 8 credits through AMDEC from several disciplines. Hands down, I much preferred the AMDEC set up. There was a dedicated course teacher (much like in a typical high school) a class of other students with a forum for class discussions, and regular correspondence with the teacher. It essentially felt the same as a typical HS class, but based online. It was also much easier to keep up a pace with AMDEC as there were regular semester based deadlines. I had great relationships with AMDEC teachers, one of which even wrote a character reference which helped me get my first job. If you're considering online ed as an option for university, I would definitely reccomend AMDEC. Its set up mirrors the format of typical distance ed university courses.




I hope that is helpful. If you have a choice, I would strongly suggest AMDEC. But if not than ILC is certainly a viable option. I would suggest you consult your guidance counsellor to see if s/he knows of how approachable the science courses are via distance if you don't get any other replies here.


All the best!

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I used it before. Frankly I don't think it's very fair.


Students in high school have to learn set amount of materials by certain points, have like 4 quizzes, 2 tests, a mid term and a final exam. On ILC you just have one exam, and up to ten months to finish the course. You have key questions at the end of each unit to send in, but you can just cheat on those and go into the exam with an easy 95%+.


I know a guy who got a 50% on the final exam, and finished with a 75%.

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