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SN2ed schedule for January 2013 test date


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Hello Folks,


I am planning to take MCAT in January 2013 (end of January). To give a little bit of background about my situation, I am a non traditional student and haven't touched on a lot of basics for 15 yrs now. I quit my job to study for MCAT and gave it 5 months (Sept 1- End of January when I write the exam). I am planning to follow SN2ed schedule (3 or 4 months - not sure yet) to get me through MCAT successfully. I have a few questions though...


1. How many hours do I need to spend studying with the SN2ed schedule. As I quit my job, after dropping kids off to school, all i have is free time to study. But I would like to get a feel for it


2. Do I need to familiarize myself with the basics first before starting SN2ed schedule? I am totally out of touch with the concepts


3. With changes in MCAT structure for 2013, is it the right time to write the exam? I will be hitting one of the earlier dates in January


Please advice

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1. Each day you are putting in at least 6 hours of study time. Maybe more since you are 15 years out of your prereqs. I would recommend doing the 4 month version of the schedule or longer.


2. No you do not need to go over the basics but it may help in the long run.


3. Not sure what you mean "right time". There will be no writing section in Jan 2013.

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