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Accessing Dal Online

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Hi everyone I'm an OOP applicant and I'm trying to check the status of my application (see if they received my scores and transcripts and such) and I can't figure out how to log into Dal Online. To all of you who have applied and are not Dal students how did you log in? I tried entering my banner number and birthday in the 'get your NetID' section but that didn't work. Thank you so much!

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1: https://dalonline.dal.ca/PROD/bwskalog.P_DispLoginNon

2: Enter login info that you initially created for step 1 (not the B00######)

3: Under Processed Applications, click on 2013/2014 Regular

4: At the very bottom you'll see Requirements, and you can see the status of all your submitted info.




Thank you so much :)! I can now stop procrastinating from writing my application essay with the pretext that I'm trying to check my application status lol :P!

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