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Why apply to Dal?

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Hi everyone,


I an OOP applying to Dal during this application cycle. I am having a hard time answering this particular question: In 500 words, explain why you chose to apply to Dalhousie Medical School?


I have gone through their website and have mentioned the generic stuff like a good program etc. Can someone who has applied there in previous years or is applying now give me some ideas? I am lost and don't know where to start (500 words seems like a lot) and I am confused on how I can make a good argument for this.



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Hi There,


I could be wrong, but according to the instructions, you are simply supposed to include a paragraph within the body of your essay explaining why you want to go to Dalhousie. There was no word count mentioned. In terms of what to write... why are you applying to a school on the east coast? Your odds of getting in to Dal as an OOP student are pretty low, so there must be some reason why you are going through the gruelling process of filling out the application process. Let them know those reasons :)



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