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advice on my next step

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Hello everyone,


I wanted to get some advice from you guys as to what I should do this year but before that I'll lay out my academic record.


I did 2 years at york uni and than transferred to UFT, I completed my UFT degree in 4 hours. my GPA in year 1 and 2 is not competitive, but year 3 and 4 combined (full course load) was 3.93... which I know makes me competitive for western, queens, dalhouise and maybe calgary.

so I wrote my mcats this summer and although I am still waiting for my score, I do not think I met the verbal cut offs for western and queens (i am basing this on my verbal performance on my practice tests).


So these are the options Ive been debating about.. please let me know what you guys think is the best choice.


1. work full time and rewrite the mcat in janurary is I have too

2. start a masters program that I was accepted into (2 year program)

3. go back to york uni and finish the degree that I had already started... with my UFT transfer credits, i can complete this degree in a year.



I've been leaning towards going back to school... because if I can maintain another straight A average I can apply to ottawa med school and IF i can't score double digits on verbal than it woudnt matter since ottawa dosent look at mcats.


My worry is that my academic record is starting to loose messy and makes me look undecisive..


Please let me know what you think.



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Calgary looks at cGPA now so you probably won't be competitive there (depending on your 1st 2 years UT and York GPA)


There are 2 sides to doing another undergrad year.


1)Doing another undergrad year (finishing your York degree) is not really going to make a significant difference in your cGPA even if you pull a 3.9+ (again depends how bad your GPA was in other years). You already have a competitive 2 year GPA so stick with that.


2) Although doing another undergrad year will make you competitive for UO, there is no guarantees that you will get an interview invite or get accepted. They have an ABS cut-off that nobody knows how it works. So your ECs matter as well.


IMO doing the masters is the better option here. You can study for your MCAT while doing your Masters.

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Hello, thanks for the advice.


my plan isnt to increase my cGPA.. b/c i know that would be impossible considering the fact that Ive done so many years of undergrad... however if i did one more year then at least i have a med school i can apply to IF my verbal score doesnt go up.. if i dont do this year than the only chance i have in ontario is if i kill verbal...


so i see it as.. right now my GPA is high enough for, queens, western and dal.. and if i do one more year it will be high enough for ottawa...


in addition, Calgary doesnt take cGPA, they will average your full time years... for some student it can be 2 years others it may be 3.. w/e gives the applicant a higher score.


you see? also the masters i got into if not research based... and it run for years... including summer...there is will no time to study for the mcat..

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