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Another Personal Activities Question


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Tried searching through past posts and sdn too, maybe I suck at searching but I couldn't find anything on this.


For research positions what do I describe the duties as?

"Performed laboratory immunology techniques" or something like "Performed ELISA protocol, gas chromatography and histology"?


What about for something like a musical instrument??

"Learned guitar chords, plucking techniques and musical theory??"


I am barely filling up all 300 characters for most of my activities, maybe I'm doing something wrong but I just list my duties in point form. Anyone else have this problem??



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Elaborate on why you pursued that particular activity and what skills/enjoyment you got out of it. Where possible, try to show what impact you made through that activity or that activity made on you. For research, elaborate on the nature of the project if it was an independent project. If it was gruntwork, then ignore that part but try to make it sound impressive.

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