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I was just wondering if anyone on here wrote the most recent CCFP exam? I am writing this at the end of October and just want some advice on how difficult it is.


There is a huge amount of material to cover so I'm keen on some pragmatic help.


I've done a bunch of the Self Learning modules on the CFPC website -- a lot of the SAMPS seem esoteric and very detail oriented, not sure if that level of detail is representative.


Anyway, if you have any info pm me or post it here. I'm happy for any suggestions because my school (queen's) does **** for this exam.

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For SOO practice, the best thing to do is use previous years' question banks and practice with someone. Make sure you explore the medical and nonmedical (i.e. FIFE) sections to try to get at least certificant for these sections. FIFE is at least half of the SOO. Sometimes in the checklist they'll be looking for something uber-specific that you may or may not get in the history. Don't worry about it and just do the best you can because you can't predict what they're looking for. Remember to always mention you'd ask for previous charts (if applicable), you'd bring the patient back for a physical exam, always mention what the follow-up plan is, identify possible management options if applicable, etc. These are easy points to touch on. Lastly, always remember to say outright some kind of synthesis statement to tie the two issues together.


For the SAMPs, the best thing to do is focus on the 99 topics. What I did was go through the topics that were easy to compartmentalize, that had clear guidelines (searchable through the CMA guidelines website), such as diabetes, COPD, asthma, lipids, atrial fibrillation, etc. Topics that were more vague like "abdominal pain" you just have to know some key things about as you can't know everything about such vague topics. Other topics like paeds or obs/gyn I specifically read from Toronto Notes or a textbook like Rakel's. I hope this helps!!!

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