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The "H" designation is GONE!

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Hey all,


Just figured I'd let you know the latest. It is official as of this September that the honors designation has been removed from all UBC MD undergraduate courses. Honors achieved previously to this change will remain on the transcript, but there will be no more honors awarded from this time onward.


Whether this is good or bad, we all have our own opinions. I don't believe when CaRMS comes around that having an H vs. P will make much/any difference, but I enjoyed having something to aim for other than >60%... I mean, of course I will continue trying to do my best as I enjoy the subject matter and want to retain as much as possible, but it is kind of satisfying to see H's on the transcript instead of just a P. On the other hand, we are all busy and maybe this change will serve to ease the pressure come exam time...


Anyways, you'll all have your own views. Just wanted to keep you in the loop!

Take care,


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I dont go to UBC, I attend a medical school in the US that uses pass and Honors......


1) I agree it has little impact with rotations and residency (although in the US it can help you get accepted into an honors medical fraternity)


2) It can bring out the worst in some people. Especially in a competitive environment (ie Med school)


Im trying to get into UBC this year for personal reasons, and I have to say that I would LOVE if there was just a pass grade. Why? The biggest mistake medical students make is neglecting their life outside medical school. Since Canada has no standardized exams at the end of 2nd year (we have the USMLE, which is SOOO much stress), there is no need to be top 10% and thus you can remain BALANCED.


I know the term balance might not seem important to most pre-meds on here, but I really believe just having to pass would allow you to be healthier and less stressed. (Of course, im not saying you just have to get 61 if thats passing, but you dont have to stress over getting 91 and can enjoy the material more and strive for say an 80)

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You can. You just have to tell them. However, just be aware that you are competing at the same level as other undergrads for a spot so you will start first year all over again. You are not applying to transfer in.


How can you apply to ubc if u already attend a us school? Ubc asks on their application if you have ever registered/enrolled at any medical school...I'm wondering coz I'm in a similar position.
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