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Verifiers for Mcmaster?


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Hi guys,


so I am going to be applying to medical school this fall. To be honest, this is really a 'practice' application run for me because I don't think I have all the qualifications right now that will land me an acceptance. I graduated with an Honours B.A. and am in the process of taking the science pre-reqs (re-taking biology after my abysmal performance in it the first time).


I'm not really expecting to be accepted but I just I wanted to get an understanding of the application process to make it easier the next time(s) I apply. So I am applying to Mcmaster only this year to gain some experience regarding applications. I wrote the VR only for the MCAT and am waiting on the results.


I am a bit confused about the 48 item autobiographical sketch. I know Mcmaster does not look at the verifiers for that section, but does that really mean we should omit them from the sketch? Like, would the adcom take a look at it and think it's shady that I don't have any verifiers listed? It would save me a lot of time if I didn't have to hunt down all my verifiers (quite a few of them have moved provinces/countries:( but at the same time, I don't want that to give off red flags to the adcom?


What do you guys think?:confused:


P.s. oddly enough, even though this is a practice application run - I am SO nervous!!

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Three comments:


(1) I would highly recommend that you NEVER only prepare for VR on the MCAT. The schools that only consider it are quite rare, and we all know McMaster is one of the most competitive schools in the country. Besides, I really don't care what anyone says, but seeing a poor score in the other sections...even when you're supposed to ignore it, I really would rather offer someone who did well in everything an interview than someone who scored 15 in VR.


(2) I would just try your best to put down *someone's* information in the verifier spots. it is usually not that difficult to do


(3) As long as they see details, I think it would help your application. Sometimes it's difficult within the character constraints to give a really good idea of what it is you were involved in just based on the title of the sketch.

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my 2 cents:


- never use the term never, unless you are talking about the notion that you should never use never


- mac doesnt look at anything but VR - a 15 in other sections makes no difference


- if you want to go to mac, make it happen


edit: mac does not want verifiers. following instructions does not make you look shady

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There have been people who have only prepared for VR, did well on it, got interviews at McMaster and are now in medical school. I think it's a good idea if someone is only applying for one school (McMaster) for the current cycle and considering it as a practice run. It's not a bad idea actually.


Who are these people?


It is a completely idiotic idea to prepare for only one school regardless of whether its a practice run or not. You are just wasting money. In Canada specifically the criterion from acceptance in to one medical school from the next doesnt differ alot, regardless of whatever is written down on paper. I do understand your point about Mcmaster being a school to "begin" the journey with, but it makes no sense to only apply to 1 school, if you have a weak app you have a weak app, gearing up for 1 school only wont change that.

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