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Clarification for last 2 years...

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Hi everyone,


Just wanted a bit of clarification on what exactly the last 2 consecutive years of full time study means.


I finished a science degree, with my final year a 3.91 OMSAS gpa (5 courses). I then took a year to work in a research lab, and this past year I started a degree in music, finishing my first year with a 3.89 gpa.


Now I may be overanalyzing, but do they mean last 2 consecutive years, as in chronological years, or last two years consecutive years in which you did courses.


I will be calling Dal this week to confirm, but just wondered if any of you could answer this.


Thanks! :)

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It's v.late and I'm not functioning too well but I'll try to shed some light on your issue.



Let's say you completed YR 1-4 in your Sc degree, then took a year off, then did 1YR in your music degree... It will be your YR4 from Sc, and YR 1 from your music. It doesn't matter that you've skipped a year to do research.


As long as your 1st year music degree was 5 credits. If so, you have 3.90 for Dal.

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