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Is it worth a shot?

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I realize that Queens has a LOT of applicants, and, considering my financial situation, $300 isn't easy to part with. So, I'd like some perspective on my chances:


I'm out-of-province, I've written the MCAT multiple time. My best and latest score was:


PS = 9

VR = 9

BS = 10

WS = Q


Additionally, I wrote yet again a couple of days ago and have a score pending which I WILL be able to use. That being said, I won't know the score until after the application is due, so it's sort of a shot in the dark, however, I felt like it was my best MCAT thus far. I should also note that I scored an 11 on PS on one MCAT, and an 11 on VR on another (not sure if this will play any part -- do they assess you from a more holistic approach as well?).


My Overall GPA on the OMSAS scale is 3.71 and my final two year GPA is ~3.957. I have a 3-year Bachelor of Science with a Double Major. Very typical ECs.


I figure I'm going to have to order a transcript by this Friday so please provide your input ASAP. Also, feel free to be as blunt as you desire. Thanks.


I haven't seen anyone get in with a VR lower than 10

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A 10 in VR on their best overall MCAT that is, correct?


The short answer is: no one knows for sure. The key seems to be a 10 in VR with an overall score of about 30, but there have been 29s I believe. That could very well change- you never know (maybe 9 will be fine this year).


Personally I'd take the chance with your stats, dropping a little bit of extra cash is worth the potential lottery win in this instance!


Good luck!

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