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GPA for 4th year applicant


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Hi, I am applying for med school this year. It is my fourth year of my undergraduate; I am planning to graduate with a bachelor's degree by April 2013, and hoping to start medical school somewhere in September 2013. Will the admissions committees look at my GPA after 3 years or 4 years? For example, on all those admissions statistics pages, is the 4-year applicant GPA average refer to 4 years or 3 years?



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i'm under the impression they'll only look at your first 3 years, because those are the ones that will be on the transcripts that you send to the school(s) you're applying to.


in recent history (oxymoron-ish, i know), acceptances came out as early as may 5th (for ONT, at least). there's no way they could verify all of the grades of the people they're accepting, considering some exams are on april 30th... and hence the profs/TAs probably haven't even looked at those ones by that point.


so yeah, i think they'll look at your first three. of course, conditional acceptances are different. uwo, for example, will be looking at your 4th year if you only have 1 year meeting the cut-off. also, i'm pretty sure all schools will at least take a look at your final (4th yr included) transcripts... given that they would most likely want to make sure that you passed the year with decent grades. but this is somewhat removed from your original question. nonetheless, it's an important point to make.


someone let me know if i'm wrong.

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