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Engineer to enter Med School

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Hello everyone,


I am a mechanical engineer graduated from Concordia/Montreal in 2008 with GPA 3.63/4.3 which I believe is about 3.37/4.0 (according to the conversion chart)


I am trying to enter med school at Ottawa U. I have done lots of research and visited the admission office and all.

The way I see it, I will need some prerequisit courses and a good GPA to apply.

I am thinking to enter into General Science program for 3 years to accumelate a GPA close to 3.8-3.90/4.0

Based on your past experience or general info, could some one please comment, advise, help with any bit of info that can help me, regarding the easiest undergrad program i can apply for, average GPA accepted in the past, ways to boost my GPA, classes to take, maybe different university where it is easier for me to enter..

I apologyze for the million question but it is a major change in my life and I am trying to gather all info I can


Thank you all

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Just a quick note, my 5 years in Mechanical engineering (including 1 year of Math, physics, Chem since I did not do college in Canada):

The first 4 years I obtained 7As and 1 or 2 Bs in all years so I had a good standing, only my last year where i had 2 Cs, 3 Bs and 3As and it brought my GPA down by much


In some thread I saw that some universities take the best 2 or 3 years instead of the last 2-3 years.

any comment please.


Thank you

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You are definitely on the right track for considering a second undegrad, which means you've done some research before posting. Not many people do that :)


The wGPA cut-off for Ottawa for Out-of-Province (OOP) applicants has been around 3.87 in the last few years. You definitely want to hit at least a 3.9 as an OOP just to be safe. Take a look at their website for how to calculate your wGPA. Assuming you are fluent in French, applying to the French stream can be a bit "easier" but don't quote me because there have been mixed reports :D


I can't suggest any specific program or university. All you need to know is that med schools don't care about the program or university. All their care about is GPA. So you should pick a program that you know you can pull a high GPA in (a program that you either find interesting or easy or both).


Ottawa also cares about your ECs, so you might want to pull yourself up in that aspect too. Considering you graduated in 2008, you should have a good amount of work experience which is a plus. Consider getting involved in your community (volunteering) if you haven't done so :) Research experience can also help.


As for your last question, queens looks at last 2 years, Western looks at best 2 years, Toronto and Mac look at everything, Ottawa looks at last 3 years (weighted).

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