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Intramural's while year off school?

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Sorry for the random post, but I was just wondering if there's anyone in the community who would know the answer to this and some university regulations and rules of this process..


I'm going to have to take year off of schooling this year, however, I was wondering if I can still do intramural's on campus? Regardless my circumstances and personal issues that are forcing me to take this year off, I like to keep active this way meanwhile Im committed to a team from pervious years, so I was looking forward to try to continue with them.


So anyone know if I can continue no problem, or because I wont be a registered student during that time I dont have access to this till I return?


Any sort of advice is appreciated.

Thank you

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Do they actually even check if you're registered for intramurals or not? I've played on intramural teams where one or two of our players didn't even go to the school lol


LOL! Usually the refs would check ur student card but I still have my card, theres no way they can check if its valid / "active". The only way is just getting access to enter the gym, which could be iffy as Id probably have to enter right behind my friend or so. Not sure tho.

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