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Ottawa Housing for Rent 1 min walk from Ottawa U

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Hey guys,


So I dont know how helpful this may or may not be for you but I know of someone who is trying to rent out a few apartments he has that are near Ottawa U so I thought I would share with anyone who may be interested. They are REALLY close to the campus, (on Nelson Street) so like 2 minute walk....I think they may also have parking?


They have bachelors, 2 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms, and rooms for rent in a 3 bedroom (though I think they are only renting rooms to girls cause they already have a girl who took one of the rooms)


Heat/water/hyrdro/wireless internet included.


Anyways I dont want to make too big of a thread here or get spammy so if you are interested private message me and I can forward the info to you guys :)

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