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I am Rajeet and I am 16 years old from India but study in Singapore. I want to arrive at medical school one day and thinking of Canada. I am deeply concerned because I require a visa for studies. I know my father has a Visa and Mastercard and I asked him but he said you need to have good credit. How do I get good credit and how do I get a visa? Or does Mastercard work? I guess American Express is only for entry to the USA or is it for all of the North/South Americas?


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I heard Discover lets you visit any country in the world.

Should I go ahead and get the discover? I thought mastercard was also world? Because of the master in the name. I do not plan on applying to any other schools out of USA or Canada when the time is near. What is my best option? Waiting for response.. Thx


EDIT: I won't need to get one for the next 5 years unless I am accepted to undergrad in North America. But my english is still room for improvement. I just want to prepare into the future.

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