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OMSAS question

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Hi everyone


I have a question regarding reference letters,can we use people who are working in other countries as our referees?


My second question is that in OMSAS sketch how can I put an activity that I will start this september and will be finished in 2014(there is no 2014 option there)

and is it bad that 4 of my major activities are starting this september(specially for ottawa,my GPA is 3.98)?


Last question :)


So I got Nserc this summer and based on that I will present a poster in a conference in mid october(the publication will take till november),do you think I should put Nserc as an award and then put conference presentation and publication under research or I should put Nserc as a research(do you think I can even put the conference presentation as it will take place in mid oct)



I am applying to U of O and U of T


Thanks alot :)

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The Conference does not exist.


4 activities that each show one or two weeks are, in my opinion, essentially meaningless in establishing who you are or your credibility.


Do not push the envelope as it will be sen as such, especially in this competitive environment where others have shown commitment over time. Next year will be a different story.

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I would include the things that you're starting in September (i.e. before the submission deadline) - future_doc is right that they probably won't help you as much as long-term activities would, but I still don't see any reason not to include them as long as you still have room in your ABS.


You can't include activities that haven't happened yet, though. So anything that you're planning on doing after the submission deadline should be left out.

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