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You could easily use your old Biol and Chem 101 university course notes to study for the science sections of the DAT.


The best way to study for the PAT section is to do a lot of practice questions. PreDDS.net has some free DAT guides and practice.


As for the manual dexterity test, check out the soap carving tutorial on YouTube. Your pre-dental club on campus may host free soap carving practices in collaboration with Kaplan or another test prep company.


Check out your local university or city library and see if they have any DAT prep books in circulation. Also visit your school's career advising centre or pre-dental club. They may have some relevant material that isn't listed in the university library system.


I hope that helps! Best of luck to you. :)

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I am selling the 2012 Kaplan DAT course preparation kit. Everything is in a very good condition.

This package includes:

1) Review notes

2) Lesson book

3) all the flashcards

4) DAT quicksheet (chemistry and biology)

5) sample exams, scranton sheets

6) Canadian dental association preparation manual for dental aptitude test

7) soap carving manual


Price is 150 CAD. Pick up or meeting location would be downtown Toronto or Mississauga.

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I'm also looking for some help on how to prep for the DAT, in particular the Reading Comprehension and the Biology Section (especially botany!).


Has anyone tried "DATReady"? Any good?


Is the American DAT similar to the Canadian DAT for the reading comp and bio science sections?


Thanks! Any advice greatly appreciated.

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