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Ottawa Medical School Cut-Off

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Hey everyone, I was hoping you could help me out with the decision to apply or not.


I calculated my wgpa for Ottawa using this formula:


(3 x last year gpa)+ (2 x 2nd last year gpa) + (1 x 3rd last year gpa) / 6


It is 3.85 on the dot. I am OOO (Out of Ottawa) but IP (Ontario).


Is it worth applying? Ottawa, McGill and NOSM would be the only schools I would apply to since I have not taken the MCAT yet! I have one more year of uni left to go. I know I have virtually no shot at McGill due to low gpa and same goes for NOSM b/c I haven't really been committed to serving rural populations in any way shape or form. So I just threw those in the mix for the heck of it.


I have really good EC's if I do say so myself and two/three pubs. I looked up previous year cut-offs for Ottawa and I am scared of investing this time in applying and then just being rejected at the first cut right away and not even meeting the cut-offs.


I would love to hear what you guys think! :) Thanks for reading!

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