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Hi...sorry if this has been answered before. Couldn't find much info in the last 10 threads.


Going into 2nd year and I'm not taking physics in Uni and did no take it in G12 either so what would be the best book for me to purchase?


I recently purchased Kaplan MCAT complete review all 5 books only to be told by someone Kaplan has too much info that I wouldn't need. So would appreciate any help here.


Thanks in advance

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^get the EK Physics (buy separately or as part of comprehensive all 5 subjects)


to get practise for baby to moderate difficulty questions - buy the 1001 EK physics workbook (good since you didn't take physics after gr.11)

each section is covered quite good in terms of for every concept there are simple questions that are built on to get harder questions.


to get practise for hard physics questions - use practise tests, or the Kaplan practise questions if you're going to keep the Kaplan book.

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