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Question fo Moo (which school to apply?? still any chances?

Guest Parii

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Hi Moo,


thak you so much for giving me some idea about which schools may be realistic to apply. I have sent a primary application to the following schools:



2. GW at DC



5. UC Davis school of medicine

6. UC Irvine


To be honest with you, I really didn't know where I may have better/ or any chances of even getting an interview. I live in BC and have finished a BSc in 2004 and am doing research jobs now. My GPA is 3.62 and have a number of publications and quite strong EC. My MCAT is pretty bad 25R. I know that the deadline for most of these schools are gone, but do you have any advice about anywhere I could still apply? As you suggested: I have checked off UCSD (they don't want international; I can't believe I missed that!!), and UCSF.


Thank you so much moo. You don't know how much I appreciate this!



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I know you'll hate me saying this but the only realistic shot you have with those stats will be GW--and that is by no means guaranteed. Forget about the UCs. I think only SF and LA accept internationals and your stats are not good enough to make the secondary cut-off. Four years ago, I had a 3.8, mid thirties MCAT and still did not get a secondary from SF, and got rejected post-secondary from LA.


THe only way you will have a shot at the UCs is if you are a US citizen but these schools will still be a stretch, especially if you are not a Cali resident.


If you have a great desire to be in Cali for whatever reason (location, family, etc.) there are two DO schools that accept Canadians--Touro in SF and Western in Pomona (near LA). You will have a more realistic shot at those schools. If you are interested in osteopathic medicine I suggest you head on over to forums.studentdoctor.net to read through the osteopathic forums or look at one of the stickies on this forum. Good luck.

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