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Hi guys,


This is my first post, and I was just wondering if anyone could give me any advice on my current situation. In my undergraduate degree, to be frank, the first three years were horrible, but after in my fourth year I was able to wake up and turn it around. With this I was able to get into a Master's program in Biochemistry which is going great (I love the research!) and I am on track to graduate in the summer of 2016. I was just hoping if someone could tell me what they think my chances are for the 2016 cycle for Canadian Schools.




2.60 (9 Courses in total)

2.96 (Only 7 courses in total)

3.86 (overload with all upper year courses)


The remainder of my courses were done in summer school.



Will aim to get at 3.85-4.00

Plus doing Undergraduate courses in my spare time (Doing around 6 all of which will be >3.7)


MCAT 2014

11 Bio  10 V  8 Physics  =29



Army Run

Two publications (One a review) both being the primary author

Gave a talk at a Symposium (Will hopefully get to do another one)

One Poster Presentation

Acknowledgment in another scientific paper

Worked in a labratory for ~100 hours in my undergrad


Will try to add more in the coming year!


Based on this do you guys have any suggestions/advice? Should I retake the MCAT or would it not change anything with only a moderate increase. I was also considering applying to some schools in the States, the UK and Ireland. Do you think thats a good idea?

Any advice or information would greatly be appreciated!


Thanks a ton!

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Dont apply to the UK or ireland. States is a significantly more viable option.

With that said, need more info - what province are you in? Willing to retake the new mcat potentially? 

My understanding is your looking to apply this upcoming summer for Sept 2016 entrance? 

How many credits did you take in your 4th year(you said overload)? 

I think your best shot would have been to do a 5th undergrad year, but it seems you enjoy research and chose that instead. 


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Thanks for the quick response!


I live in Ontario, and yes I am willing to take the new MCAT.


My plan is to apply this upcoming summer-fall for September 2016 admission.


In my overloaded year I took 11 courses including my undergraduate thesis.


Yea, I was debating between the two and I am really happy that I choose to get into research although I don't know if that will help my med school application in the long run.

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Unfortunately unless you do a 2nd degree now ( dont think you can do a special year at this point, but check with each school) Canada isn't an option. I would strongly look at USDO schools and see if going to the US would be something you'd be able to pull off. You'd need a much higher mcat to even be looked at for USMD schools.

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