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Question about research and no research

Guest EMHC

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I was reading a thread about doing research in undergrad and then linking that to research in getting into residency and something popped up.


As an undergrad student myself, my first pillar is getting into medical school. So, is research a key thing Adcoms look at when you apply? Can you still get in even if you did absolutely no research, given that you have other extra-cirricular activities to compensate your non-academic profile?



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Guest Ian Wong

People get in with no research background all the time. Not everyone is inclined to, nor interested in pursuing a research career. Obviously, having some experience in research will round out your application, but it is by no means necessary. One huge positive of doing research is that you are usually set for a nicely personalized academic reference letter (which can often be hard to obtain if you're lost within the 499 other undergrad students in that prof's class).



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