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Hi all,


Just matched to Calgary FM, now that the weekend is over starting to think about logistics


I'm not from Calgary, and there wasn't a lot of info during the interview process about the streams/sites. I know there is a mini match upcoming, but would love some input from past/current Calgary residents


I'm gunning hard for the +1 EM (sadly didn't get into an FR program), and if Calgary is anything like other places I know, there is huge variability in terms of your exposure to academic training sites as an FM resident.


Can anyone comment as to what stream would be ideal for me? Not too picky about home clinic, I'm sure the training is good wherever, just trying to figure out where to be to make the R3 year happen/less of an uphill climb.


Thanks in advance!



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Ditto except the +1 EM part. Would like to know about the different streams in general. eg: what hospitals and clinics (outside of home clinics) would you primarily be working at for each stream?




I remember seeing a good breakdown and description of the different clinics from each stream on the program's website. You have to click around a bit to find it, but it's there.

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