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In a thread on the TO family sites, one responder talked about the benefits of doing a community placement: 


"As a family resident at a community site I have the huge advantage of being pretty much the only learner there. Delivering babies and doing all the perineal repairs? All you. An LP needs doing? You. First assist for surgeries? You again. Fracture reductions/hematoma blocks? You. The doctors at the hospital treat you as a senior learner (even as a PGY1) since most of them are family medicine trained as well and understand that you'll be staff in <2 years. At the larger academic hospitals I have found you're treated as a glorified CC4 and are overlooked for procedures often because there's actual senior residents around for whatever specialty you're on (internal, ER, OB etc.)."


Wondering if there are any Ottawa FM residents who might feel similarly (or not!). 

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